About BABA

BABA - Leather dog accessories - ABOUT

BABA is a French line, specializing in leather dog collars with matching leads and leather dog accessories.

Timeless fashion and completely original, the brand uses the highest quality materials, tastefully designed, and entirely handcrafted in an authentic atelier.


Distributed since 2016 around the world, BABA reflects Mathilde Ilkisik’s childhood in the French countryside, a region in which the traditions of artisanal craftsmanship are strong, and where artisans still use the centuries-old practices and techniques that have been handed down to them.

BABA's dog accessories expertly exploit the infinite creative possibilities of leather in a series of vibrant and exclusive creations.

"With BABA I am creating leather accessories for the dog and dog owner that express a personal style in a way that is as distinctive and exciting as choosing a chic handbag, and wearing just the right shoes."


Welcome to the world of BABA, an expression of luxury style that is contemporary, classy, and utterly unique : pure, passionate puppy love.